As far as Lakeshore Soccer is concerned, there are no limits when it comes to learning basic soccer skills, getting fit and having fun. Also discovering a healthy appetite for competition, whether it be during a game of soccer or fun filled mini soccer drills, players strengthen cognitive and gross motor skills. Our goal is to fine tune each individual child's abilities and develop them further so that they may discover their inner athlete and live life to the fullest.

Our program is open to all children aged 4 - 25 years who are intellectually challenged, or who suffer from poor social skills or low self esteem due to behavioral or learning difficulties. (This includes children with varying spectrums of autism, down syndrome, visually impaired, epilepsy, physically impaired but mobile, cerebral palsy, severe dyslexia , dyspraxia ... to name but a few.) We focus on gross motor skills that are required in soccer such as kicking, throwing and jumping, then put everything into action during a game. We also work on emotional regulation, losing, winning, turn taking, sharing and teamwork. Our summer outdoor season takes place on Saturday mornings from May through August, and the winter indoor season takes place on Saturday mornings from November through April. The cost for each season is $50-75$ and the ratio of coaches to children varies between 1:2 and 1:4.

Getting involved with Super Sonics is where the fun begins!