grassroots (U4-U8)
grassroots (U4-U8)

Our grassroots program (Micro CDC) is designed to foster an enjoyable experience while being physically active. Our objective at this age is to get players familiarized with the ball. The hope is that passion and curiosity set in, so players will further engage in the sport at older ages. Our grassroots program runs for 38 weeks out of the year. During the summer season, they train once on the weekend and play an interclub game during the week. The practices are managed by our recreational technical staff, and overseen by our technical coordinator for micro soccer. During the winter, we offer all our grassroots players a chance to train with our Grassroots winter program. The program offers our micro and recreational players the ability to train once a week with our trained technical staff. Given the volume of technical sessions these groups have, it makes it very easy for us to familiarize ourselves with the players and track their development.



*NOTE* The Grassroots season (U4 - U8) starts Saturday and Sunday May 21-22. The U8 CDC will start the following Monday May 23rd. Once teams and schedules are built, parents will be contacted with all relevant information by email.

These are characteristics of our grassroots players that allow us to tailor a specific program to their needs. Please refer to our Technical Plan document for more detail.

characteristics of our grassroots players

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