Everyone Is Learning!

We ask the parents to understand that everyone is in a learning phase.

What To Say
Spectator Rules
Letter From A Player

The Coaches

Most coaches are parents just like you and have given their time to try and help your children. The coaches are taught by the club's technical director in mandatory clinics and certification programs are also available. The coaches are trying hard to learn and they need your support.

The Referees

The referees are mostly children from our club who have taken on a huge responsibility. Each referee attends referee school taught by the club's referee-in-chief and must achieve an 85% grade to be a referee. The referees have a very difficult job that can only be truly understood once you have refereed a game. They deserve respect from the players, coaches and the spectators. There will always be controversial calls but please remember, the referees are learning too and we must give them encouragement and our support.

The Players

It is most important to realize that the players are learning and we must give them praise whether they do well or make a "mistake". A "mistake" is another way to say "Learning Experience" and we prefer to see it that way and you should too. If you are too hard on your children, it will destroy their enjoyment of the game. Always encourage your children with positive reinforcement.

The Parents

Yes! You are learning too. You are learning how to positively encourage your children to play the game. You are learning that the coaches and referees are volunteers trying to make your children better people and they really need all the help you can give them.

A Message from the Coaches

The role that parents play in the life of a soccer player has a tremendous impact on their experience. With this in mind, we have taken some time to write down some helpful reminders for all of us as we approach the upcoming season. If you should have any questions about these thoughts, please feel free to discuss it with us, the coaches.