competitive (13+)
competitive (13+)

Our competitive leagues are for players between the ages of 13 and 17. At this stage of development they are learning to train (13 to 15) and training to compete (16 to 18). Which is refining their technical skills, building strength, gaining mental toughness and improving overall decision making. At these ages we have 3 levels of competition, the highest being AAA, followed by AA and A. The weekly and annual commitments differ based on which level your son or daughter take part in, with AAA having the most commitments and A having the least.

competitive U10-U12competitive U13-U15



The LR (ligue regional) formerly known as “A”, is a competitive league that is organized by the Lac St Louis Regional Association. Our LR/A groups play against fellow teams within our region. Our LR/A groups are coached by our wonderful volunteers and will generally have 2 or 3 events per week during the summer season which include 1 or 2 practices plus a league game.



The LDIR (ligue de developpement inter-regional) formerly known as “AA”, is a competitive league that is organized by Lac St Louis Regional Association. Teams that play in the LDIR/AA league travel and play within our region. Players in our AA program our slightly more soccer centered and the program last year-round. Events on a weekly basis could be 3 to 4 times a week.


ligue de developpement provincial

The LDP (ligue de developpement provincial) is what was formerly associated as AAA. Teams in this league play other clubs who hold the Provincial license. Teams in this league span across the entire province, this league is for players in the province that focus on soccer as their year-round focus. The LDP/AAA program is hyper competitive program that is meant to elevate players to play at the highest levels possible. Our AAA groups will hold generally 4 Events per week, full time commitment being a prerequisite to participate in the program.

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