For over 30 years, the Lakeshore Soccer Club has hosted and organized Soccerfest; the largest recreational soccer event in the Province of Québec. Over 150 teams come to Lakeshore in August of each year to participate in this event dedicated to the recreational player.

If the year is 2023 and you are on this page, most likely it is because you have the direct link saved in your browser. Soccerfest will not take place this summer season. The PUMA Classic tournament will run in it's place. Information on the PUMA Classic tournament can be found on the home page.

The organization committee will disqualify any competitive level team or a team with competitive players and retain the registration fee as a penalty, if the ineligibility is discovered at registration or during the tournament. Please contact us if you are unsure of your status.
Registration will take place on the Friday of the tournament weekend from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Bénévoles Chalet (see maps). Registration will be permitted for out-of-town teams on Saturday morning, but must take place at least 2 hours before the first game.
We look forward to seeing you at our tournament. Good luck!!

Just a couple reminders about the upcoming Soccerfest tournament and registration :

  • Bring the completed players list. For U8-U10 levels maximum of 14 players are allowed to register for the entire tournament. For U11-Senior levels, Maximum of 18 players are allowed to register for the entire tournament.


All non-local teams participating in the SOCCERFEST must (as a condition of acceptance) make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing service partner, Book Your Block. Please do not call the hotels directly, reserve through the hotel booking link provided below. We appreciate your support of these partner hotels as they assist in sponsoring our event.
For your convenience, Book Your Block LLC ( has sourced the best properties and contracted with a variety of hotels to fit a variety of amenity preferences and price points. Our chosen hotel partners offer the flexibility of accommodations on one or two evenings with the preferred room types (2 queen beds or 2 double beds) and provide a Special Event Rate for groups when the reservations are placed through the Book Your Block booking site. All hotel partners sign a contractual agreement that they will not advertise the same room type under the same booking terms at a lower price-point than the Special Event Rate (specific exclusions may apply). To achieve this, we agree to have a Stay to Play policy so that the partner hotels know that teams will use the discounts they offer.
Book Your Block provides the tournament with a customized state of the art booking site that allows the team manager to select a team hotel and place a courtesy hold on the required number of rooms at that property at the Special Event Rate. Team managers subsequently receive a confirmation email with a private link to the "hold block” from which athlete family’s complete reservations with guest information and a credit card. This way, all team members reserve at the same nightly group rate. Book Your Block also has the technology to track all team and individual reservations and apply them to the visiting team Stay to Play account, which the tournament will cross-reference. Please ensure your athlete families are made aware of this information and policy. Thank you for your cooperation.
Lakeshore Soccerfest Tournament Hotel Booking Link
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If you have any questions on the hotel booking site or process please contact:
Fern da Silva
(514) 624-1854