Our philosophy on coaches and their development is to help, support, guide, and educate all of our coaches to reach their potential, which is the key to our success. Our coaches are vital representatives of our club and as such, we will assure to the best of his/her abilities that they promote, present and apply the club’s mission, vision and values. The technical director will also provide the coaches with a positive and educational environment and allow them to be and feel a part of the overall process. Also, he will ensure that coaches create, grow in their skills, knowledge and enjoyment of the game. He is committed to their continual development and for them to attain their full potential through a quality instructive program. Furthermore, he will provide coaches with access to coaching courses, as well as other workshops and mentoring.

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaches are key representatives of the Lakeshore Soccer Club and, as such, need to present the club's mission, vision and values.

Our Mission

Lakeshore Soccer Club aims to create, develop and enhance the skills, ability, understanding and enjoyment of the game we all love. We strive to support ALL of our players and coaches through quality structured programs and constant availability of technical support.

Our Values

Our coaches must ensure that through their efforts, Lakeshore Soccer Club is able to:
Demonstrate respect, honesty and integrity between coaches, players and parents
Conduct itself in a fair, credible and trustworthy manner
Be responsive to the needs of those it serves
Pursue excellence in all programs and operations
Promote a safe and fun environment for all participants
Instill a love and respect for all aspects of the game
Promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play

Our Vision

The Vision of Lakeshore Soccer Club is to be recognized as a model organization, providing the best quality in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels, recreational, competitive and elite performance players.

coaching pathway

Coaching Pathway

The coaching pathway is designed to develop, certify and qualify our coaches to coach multiple ages and categories. The Canadian Soccer Association and the Quebec Soccer Federation set the pathway for our coaches to get licenses and accreditation. The following is the coaching pathway (pictured). It is a certification process set forth by the CSA that educates our instructors for the category they instruct. The club incentivizes our coaches to go for their licensing by covering the cost of the course.