Tekkers Soccer Camps

Special Thanks to James Pantemis for coming out, making it impossible to score and Coach Ryan for making me look good .
Videography by Sammy Nelson

What We Offer

All our programs consist of the following:

  • Core stability and balance training (injury prevention)
  • Plyometric training to increase speed and strength
  • Advanced technical training to sharpen dribbling, passing, shooting skills
  • Skills training (learning new moves and how to use them in a game)
  • Mental, physical and nutritional preparation tips for pre-game and post-game


Summer Soccer Camps U6-U16 (Competitive & Recreational)

Elite Summer Soccer Camps U8-U16 (Competitive)

Elite Summer Team Camps U8+ (Competitive)

Elite pre-season Training Camp U8+ (Competitive)

1.5hr sessions once/day for 5 days.

Elite 1 on 1 U8+ (Competitive)

1hr sessions

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Paymon Kabiri (Tekkers Technical Director):

For the last 6 years, I have been working on camps in the West Island, while simultaneously working alongside many of the West Island’s most promising youth players. My goal is to help develop players to their maximum potential. Our philosophy at Tekkers is to allow players to express themselves creatively and also help them learn as much as possible about the game we all love. I have played at all levels in Quebec soccer and have been developed both as a coach and player at Lakeshore Soccer Club. The most important thing is to have all kids play in a safe and fun environment.


Nick Razzaghi (Provincial B)

I have coached girls and boys of all ages from recreational to AAA.I currently coach the U17AAA and I am the assistant coach of the Vanier Cheetahs. I love soccer, so I can't wait to coach players that love to play and have fun! This is why I am proud to be part of Tekkers - it's all about the love of the game!

Domenic Nizzola (DEP)

I started playing soccer at the age of 5. My interest shifted to coaching when I was 14. Since then, I’ve coached at the A, AA and AAA levels. I also have an elementary school teaching degree from Bishop’s University and have spent this past year working as a grade 5 teacher for the Riverside School Board. I can't wait to meet everyone at Tekkers this summer!


Ryan Thompson Lynch(Certified personal trainer)

I’ve been playing soccer for 22 years. The game has brought me to Italy, where I played and trained under former Serie A coaches and players, to Nationals with Lakers and so much more. My goal now is to teach kids the principles of the game and help them develop, so that one day, they to can accomplish great things. I’m looking forward to an amazing new beginning with Tekkers!


Alessandro Fantini (Micro coach)

I’ve been playing soccer for almost 15 years and coaching for two. What I love most as a coach is to develop younger kids and help them establish a love for the game. But my coaching extends to all ages and all skill levels. I’m excited to bring that into this year’s Tekkers Camps.


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