We work closely with our housing provider Book Your Block LLC ( to not only source the best properties, but contract with a variety of hotels to fit all amenity preferences and price points. Our hotel partners offer the flexibility of accommodations on one or two evenings with the preferred two bed room types (2 queens or 2 doubles) at rates ranging from $94 - $169 CAD (plus tax). All hotel partners sign a contractual agreement that they will not advertise the same room type under the same booking terms at a lower price-point than the Special Event Rate (certain exclusions may apply). In order to achieve this, we have a Stay to Play policy so that the partner hotels are assured that the discounts they offer are used. Book Your Block also provides a customized state of the art booking site to the tournament that allows the team manager to select a team hotel and place a courtesy hold on the required number of rooms at that hotel at the Special Event Rate. Book Your Block also has the technology to track all team and individual reservations and apply them to the attending team which the tournament will cross reference. All attending teams requiring hotel accommodations MUST use the links below for hotel accommodations in order to participate in the Lakeshore Soccerfest Tournament in 2019.

Lakeshore Soccerfest Tournament Hotel Booking Link


If you have any questions on the hotel booking site or process please contact:

Fern da Silva

(514) 624-1854