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Found Lost

Item Lost/Found Where When Name Phone
Lakeshore red Jacket with embroidered name Philippe. Practice U10 Div 1, ended at 7pm. Perdu/Lost: Smiley Parc wednesday May 3rd Philippe Godbout 5144579231
Goal Keeper Gloves, White and Black, Campea Trouve/Found Benevole Mini Saturday May 19th 2018 Lakeshore Office 5146976973
blue / black soccer cleats (with elastic ankle), shinguards and socks, probably for boy aged 10ish. Text me i can send picture. Trouve/Found Beaconsfield City Lane Wednesday June 6 Geoff Riggs 5147158362
Gold cross on gold chain Trouve/Found Smiley Field Week of June 2 Diane Rennie 5146976973
Wood and material small folding chair - blue lined material for the back Perdu/Lost: Dorset Last week of May Léa 5143460011
Nike purplish blue and back cleats with a pink nike swoosh. Left on bench at ecclestobe 1 after technical practice 8-9:30 am. Perdu/Lost: Ecclestone 1 Saturday June 16th 9:30am Danica Watson 5148806519
Lost engagement ring - white gold with solitaire diamond and eternity diamond wedding ring (2 rings) Perdu/Lost: Wilkinson west Saturday June 16 at 11:30 am game Bloodhounds u4 Sarah Bostock (Huxley Fortin’s mom) 5146014015
Soccer Ball with name Brando Gentile on it Trouve/Found Ecclestone June Cheryl 5147976905
Green goaler shirt. Perdu/Lost: Heritage June 17th Solene Heliou 5146621061