The Knock-out cup format is based on a double elimination format where each team must lose twice to be eliminated from the cup. The only exception is for the team that wins all of its games to make it to the final game. That final game will determine a champion and a runner up. With this format, any team that loses one game can still make it to the final game by winning the remainder of its games.

The award ceremonies for the champions and finalists will occur on the field immediately following the final game.
Each game must determine a winner so each game that is tied after regulation time will go directly to shootouts according to the official cup rules. If the final game is tied after regulation time, two full overtime periods will be played followed by a shootout, if required.
If inclement weather prevents a game from being completed before it can be declared a legal game, then a shootout will be scheduled by the organizing committee. The winner of the shootout will be declared the winner of the game. The field and time for the shootout will be scheduled as quickly as possible and communicated to the coach of each team. Teams must be prepared to get to the shootout field quickly.
Depending on the number of teams in a division, it may be necessary to give some teams byes into the next round. Such teams are chosen randomly.Good luck and good sportsmanship to all teams.
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