Parents/Guardians should understand that the main objective of our Club is to provide an atmosphere of safe, recreational fun that includes the proper examples for our children. The spirit of the game must always reflect good sportsmanship. Coaches, referees, and parents/guardians have a tremendous responsibility to promote this spirit at games and the cooperation of all participants and spectators is vital.

Game Day and Other Responsibilities
All spectators will recognize the authority of the referees, coaches, and assistant coaches in maintaining the spirit of the game on the field of play prior to, during, and immediately following a game.
Parents/guardians watching on the sideline should sit quietly on the side and not raise their voices in anything but positive encouragement.
Foul or abusive language as well as derogatory acts and comments that are directed towards the referee, coaches, players, or any other spectators will not be tolerated.
Parents/Guardians/Spectators will not argue or dissent with referee decisions. Furthermore they will not make statements or engage in other actions that could incite others.
All non-playing participants to any soccer game shall remain at least five feet back from the touchline and no closer than 10 yards to either goal line.
The referee, coach, or any Board Member has the authority to dismiss from the field of play anyone, including spectators, parents, or guardians, who do not adhere to these rules or other reasonable expectations of good behavior.