We continue to get closer to a normal and yesterday’s announcements bring us another step closer.
On Monday we move to the Green Zone which allows the following
1. 50 players on a field
2. 50 spectators in the stands (respecting social distancing) for this aspect we are requesting that limits of 1 spectator per player be implemented across the board.
3. Game play and competition
All rules of the provincial government pertaining to game play must be respected. Physical distancing guidelines must be respected during sports and activites. Participants can come into contact or be in close proximity, if this is done briefly and infrequently. Specific adaptions for certain sports may be required to limit the amount of prolonged contact between participants. Please make sure you and your entire association and that visiting associations are aware and respect these guidelines while in Kirkland or you risk losing the privilege of using the town facilities. Please also note that while these new measures have been approved by council, the Town can choose at any time to implement further restrictions if it is warranted.