Together let's help our fellow residents at risk To join in the collective effort to fight COVID-19, we wish to support our most at-risk citizens in order to minimize their travel and face-to-face exchanges with the general public, as recommended by Santé Québec.
Since your association is recognized by the City of Beaconsfield, we ask for your support to help residents of Beaconsfield aged 70 and over during this period.
The City of Beaconsfield asks our associations for the following

· Via your members and your respective networks, would you be ready to offer on-call help to a fellow citizen belonging to this more vulnerable group in order to limit the risk of exposure to the virus ?
· If yes, what kind of help would your members and those in your network be willing to offer?

Examples :

Ø Delivery of grocery and pharmacy products
Ø Transmission of city news to those who do not have access to the website
Ø Calls to fellow residents who must isolate themselves voluntarily
Ø Please propose your own ideas

· If members of the community who are not members of your association wish to offer their help, would your association be ready to coordinate the efforts of new volunteers?

The City will promote the nature of the assistance available, publish the contact details of the associations that offer their support for this initiative, and act to mobilize and refer fellow citizens who want to offer their assistance to the participating associations.

The City communicates today with all recognized associations in order to establish the potential of this approach. The specifics will be defined with the presidents of the associations according to the responses obtained.

If you are interested in helping your fellow residents through volunteers, we ask you to let us know your openness to join the associations contributing to this community effort by responding to the email by Monday March 23 before 12 noon.

Solidarity, empathy and action are at the heart of our ability to recover from this ordeal. Let us work collectively to minimize the impacts that COVID-19 will have on our society.

Attached is the French and English PDF documents of this email.
Thank you all

Annie Bouthillier

Chef de Section, Culture et loisirs

Ville de Beaconsfield
303, boul. Beaconsfield
Beaconsfield (Québec) H9W 4A7
Tél: 514 428-4400 poste 4528