With the current global circumstances, and in order to protect its members, Soccer Québec believes it is important to provide some guidelines and recommendations.

Although the risk of infection by the coronavirus remains low, it cannot be completely ruled out. Given the possibility that the situation may evolve, Soccer Québec’s Medical Council is recommending that the following precautions be taken in order to avoid the spread of viruses, both the flu virus and COVID-19.

Soccer Québec is asking its members to temporarily suspend all game protocols involving the shaking of hands between coaches, between referees and captains before the game and between players after the game.

Soccer Québec also recommends that players, coaches and referees avoid sharing water bottles. Furthermore, everyone should cough and sneeze in their sleeve at all times as it is deemed a necessary preventive measure.

It is also suggested that staff who carry team equipment (bottles, clothes, etc.) wear gloves.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and will provide updates regarding these recommendations. We will also inform you if these recommendations are lifted.

For more information, please contact Michel Dugas, communications coordinator, at mdugas@soccerquebec.org or 514-318-3355.

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