Hello volunteers! Many of you have offered to volunteer and we so appreciate it, thank you. We need your help. Invite others to join and volunteer with you. Teamwork makes dreamwork! This is an excellent opportunity for teens and young adults to volunteer as this is a smaller community event over a short 2 hour period.


Here are the event details:


Autism Speaks Canada Promenade de chiens / Dog Walk

Sunday October 21st, 2018

9:30 am – 11:30 am

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park (6975 Mackle Road, Cote St. Luc – a few blocks west of Cavendish Boulevard)

Free parking

A rain or shine event. In case of rain, there is cover.

www.autismspeaks.ca/dogwalk or www.autismspeaks.ca/promenadedechiens

New: Best Dog Photo contest and event news on Instagram @ascdogwalk

Montreal facebook https://www.facebook.com/AutismSpeaksCanadaMarchonsWalkMontreal/

The Dog Walk event is a new community autism awareness fundraiser and we expect to welcome 100-250 participants. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the unconditional love of dogs to families living with autism and their therapeutic value. Dogs play a valued role for pet therapy at home, school and in the workplace. I applaud the municipality of Cote St. Luc for welcoming this new event with great support.

Activities include Exhibitors (local organizations, dog care specialists), Contests, Prize Draws, and a 1km Dog Walk (IN the park NOT on the sidewalk).

I need Volunteers to help in these areas: Registration. Volunteer check-in. ASC table. Prize Draws table. Photo station. Refreshments. Face-painting & Arts and Crafts. Greeters. Set-up & Clean-up. The details are below. PLEASE CONFIRM TO ME BY RETURN EMAIL THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE, and for WHICH AREAS OF VOLUNTEERING.

Registration volunteer:

Be station ready at 9:00am for a group review by the Registration Captain. Registrations are either 1) online in advance OR 2) a walk-in registration on event day.

Note: only ONE person per team needs to register (supporting team members do NOT need to register). Each registered team representative automatically receives an ASC buff for their dog (see photo) and one Prize Draw ticket.

Additional Prize Draw tickets are remitted to donors according to a climbing scale of number of tickets to the total amount fundraised.

At the Registration Table, Walkers remit cash and/or cheque donations. Registration Volunteers 1) verify the information is correctly recorded on the Donation Pledge Form 2) remit the ASC buff and the Prize Draw tickets. Registration instructions are emailed to you in advance for review.

Nutrience has sponsored 250 gift-bags of dog supplies. These will be distributed by Nutrience staff separately.


All other volunteers: Be station ready at 9:15am.

Volunteer check-in: Upon arrival, all volunteers are to reconfirm their assigned stations and receive Volunteer/Bénévole identification stickers.

ASC TABLE: Volunteers supervise resources on display – tool kits, grant information, and the newly announced ASC Connect which is a free bilingual national online resource for families and professionals to connect with services and the autism community. Volunteers present the material, supervise the laptop for Walkers to navigate the ASC Connect online, collect Walker contact information to receive specifically requested information.

Prize Draws table: Volunteers supervise Prize Draws donated by merchants. Walkers place their Prize Draw tickets at the Prize Draw of their choice. Volunteers help with distributing the Prizes drawn at Closing Ceremony.

Refreshments: Volunteers supervise snack distribution and replenish tables as needed. Prepare boxes/packaging for recycling.

Photo Station: Volunteers encourage Walkers to have group photos taken by an official photographer and collect their contact information to where photos are to be sent.

Facepainting: Volunteers get creative and facepaint. No experience necessary to draw ex. paws, butterflies, hearts, puzzle pieces, flowers, tigers! Also, distribute puzzle piece tattoos.

Arts and crafts: Volunteers supervise basic arts and crafts activities, keep tables tidy.

Greeters & 1km Walk: Volunteers greet arriving Walkers. Volunteers are route-side ‘cheerleaders’ for the 1km Walk IN the park (not on sidewalk) and keep the Walk flow.

Set-up & Clean-up: Set-up 8:00am-9:15am (tables, signage, refreshments). Clean-up immediately after the event. All Volunteers are required to clean up their Volunteer area. Many hands make light work!

Bonus!! Coffee and tea beverages are available by our sponsor Starbucks - ready for your Sunday morning!

Your generous gift of Volunteering is so precious to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Krista Leitham

Géstionnaire régionale des marches - Québec

Regional Walk Manager - Québec

Autism Speaks Canada

Montréal mobile : 438-990-5697

Sans frais/toll free : 1-888-362-6227